Upcoming Events

Bottle return Fundraiser

We want your returnable bottles and canbottlereturns! Easy drop off at the bottle return box located across the street from the United Methodist Church.  See map for approximate location.


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Nate Brangan will lead a hike around Shelburne this Saturday.  The hike will include visiting Shelburne Falls on the Laplatte River and some of the other wonders of our town.  This scout-let hike will be more than 5 miles and include a map and compass (2nd Class requirement 1b) and will be counted as a troop activity.  If you want to join Nate on this journey, please be at the Scout Barn at 10:00 a.m.  Remember to pack a lunch, have your 10 essentials, and have a charged cell phone. 

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merit badges

Scholarship Merit badge:

A scout basically needs to get good grades, or improve their grades; participate in an extracurricular activity; get verification that they have behaved at school; do a little research about education; and write a 250-300 word essay.

The same goes for the Sports Merit Badge. If a scout plays two sports in a year’s time, he is eligible for this badge. There is some prep time needed for at least one season of sports, so if you plan on playing a sport this spring, please let me know and we’ll get you squared away.

Some scouts started the Citizenship in the Community merit badge on Town Meeting night. I want to fast track this badge, so we will have a special merit badge session on Saturday, March 23. This badge requires eight hours of community service. If there is a town department or charitable organization you’re interested in helping out, please contact them immediately.

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Spring Camporee

Mr. Major need to know who is interested in
going to the Spring camporee.  Anyone who 
wishes to get tapped out for the order of 
the arrow should go to this camp.   Please
send Mr. Major an email @ rojamvt@aol.com. 
The deadline is April 24th. 

Basic info

Date: April 26,27,28
Location: Little River State Park (Waterbury VT)
Cost: $10 per person 
Theme: Are you tougher than a Boy Scout.
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Petra cliffs

On January 18th to the morning of January 19th the scouts will be at petra cliffs for some climbing. If you would like to go you have to email Zach and bring five dollars. All equipment needed will provided by petra cliffs hope to see you there!

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first scout meeting

We will have the first meeting of the year today on Monday September 10 at 7 pm. This means from now on we will be having meetings every Monday at 7 except for Mondays with  no school

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Alert- be prepared for these things by next meeting 2/13

  • Philmont 2013: Decide if you have interest in going.  If you are we need a 100 dollar deposit to go. (Keep in mind you must have finished the eight grade to go)
  • Tuckerman’s Ravine: 3/30-4/1 Decide if you’re going and if you are what meals and what nights you will be staying at Joe Dodge Lodge.
  • Acadia/ Jordan Island.  I believe we have a coordinator but we do not now the date so check your calendars for August which is when we’re planning to go.
  • Waubeekah Summer Camp:  July 15-21. Decide if you’re going.
  • Petra Cliffs Overnight: 2/24  Decide whether or not you’re going.

If you are unable to attend the next meeting please email Mr. Kay with your decisions.

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